Seeing inside me

Life trickles along no matter what your pace, your perspective or your heritage.  We grow exponentially in so many ways, yet we don’t grow in many ways that benefit us, as humans, at all. The biggest percentage of people spend their lives trying to find peace, happiness, and purpose. Yet, what we have inside is what matters, at least that is what I have been told. The struggle to see what is inside of myself, and others, is truly real and heart wrenching because many times we see what it is inside too late for actual understanding.

The older we get the more real somethings about life become. The older we get the more sensitive and cognizant we get about mortality and love. What I see inside me is a downright struggle to be who I am supposed to be for me. Not for the world, not for family or friends, not for work…just for me. I know so many areas of who I am really well, then I do something that comes out of left field or have no actual feeling toward it all. Complacency is a scary place. I want to see what is inside me before I no longer care or worse I damage my life in ways that damage my heart and love for life. I know sounds so dramatic, right? However, if you think about how people become addicted to drugs or fall into deep depressions…while addicts may have chosen their paths (the outcome is one that they struggle to overcome) and anyone who has had or knows someone with it understands that no one chooses that place, and coming out of it changes you.

You can always choose to appreciate and love life more and better than ever before but what if you struggle to even accept life as a choice. Seeing inside me would greatly increase my odds of understanding, overcoming, and living in a space within myself that is unequivocally loved.



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Insightful Sally

Gravitating toward the lessons I have learned and the life I still want to live...But don't call me Sally!

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