Fear of Living

An interesting thought came to mind this week, are we programmed to fear living because we know we will die? I have thought about many things in the last few weeks and mainly because of a friend, and then a parent both were diagnosed with lung cancer. My friend just passed away, so the obvious thoughts ponder about living and the fears that surround our mind and soul. However, I have read many views and perspectives about death and dying, no one really knows until they are looking at the end (or beginning depending on your views) with their own eyes and mind.


I have friends that are scared to do anything for fear of dying or failing to succeed at whatever is randomly placed in front of them. I am looking at life now, because of my mother’s recent diagnosis with a very different perspective. I am graced with the opportunity to LIVE, fear is a weakness I cannot afford to have in my life. My mother is an amazing 83 years old, now she didn’t do anything extraordinary with her life: no skydiving, mountain climbing or sailing around the world, but she has seen a lot and continued on. She lost all her siblings, one by one, over the last 20 years; yet she kept going on. She hasn’t been married in over 45 years (longevity of life maybe?) and is somewhat of a hermit, if she wanted to be (or if my brother and I would allow).


I am thankful that I have an opportunity to “see” the fear and how it can debilitate and strip someone of the wonders of the world, but I refuse to accept the fear as a way to live my life. Fear of the unknown, be free find out and don’t be afraid – knowledge is power. Once you know, you learn and conquer – baby steps if necessary. One step at a time, imagine what you can accomplish from just taking a deep breath and do something that is fearful to you (your mind, heart, etc…). Then see how you feel AFTER you do it. Again, one step at a time. Live. Do not fear living. Fear dying without living.