Wishful Thinking!

Every day is a beautiful testimony to life. Good things happen, bad things occur, yet life keeps moving. I know, nothing magical here! Some exist, some live, and some are tolerating life. I think I wish for a more dutiful and serene vision of the world. Is my age factoring into my perspective of the world I see? Of course, it is! However, I would like to contemplate the perspective of the world that is PRESENTED to me – whether through social media, newspapers, magazines, daily news, or those less informed people who think they have it figured out.


When I go to social media sites, the fake news and the ‘real’ news seem the same. I cannot tell one from the other. I cannot be the only one that is in this happening to, am I? I mean, I am not a follower of news. Ok, maybe I indulge in the celebrity news a little more than other things, but truthfully I believe the truth should be easier to ‘see’ than what is presented in the mainstream media. I wish for honesty and forthright information being presented to everyone. This may help alleviate all the ‘hatefulness’ that seems (or does) exist. I see people taught to love all their lives, react to fake news like someone stole their favorite CD or video game. Like it was deliberate and personal. How did we become so reactive and irrational? Or is that just my vision (I am sure it is) through my limited windows?

wishful thinking

I am wishfully thinking that someone needs to fix this. How? Who? Well it begins with each of us, right? I do not react to the stories that media or fake media creates to cause controversy or conflict amongst the young and old. My world exists for me, I can stop what I do not want but if you watch carefully, your life becomes isolated and solitary. Who can you trust but yourself, and after few months by yourself – you won’t trust your own thoughts either.  I know when I am in my community I see tons of lovely connections between people, animals, nature, and culture. It can also be hard to NOT see the ugly (this is a relative term), or wait, is that just my vision? I know I can change what I see, how I see, and my deep emotional reactions, even at my age, but HOW do we get everyone else on board. I am wishful thinking that we can make big changes with such small tasks of our own design.

The beginning of thoughtful evolution

We begin every day with a thought. What to wear, what to do, what to eat. As we learn more about ourselves and our surrounding environment we adapt our thoughts to be more relevant to the continuing evolution. Therefore, this is the beginning of my thoughts evolving, like my hair, my personality, my skin, and my age.


While knowing, in some mindful capacity, we evolve from one stage in life to another. What we do to collectively share what we retain of mindful thinking may be about what is going on around us, what is within us, and most importantly, what is impacting us. This means being honest about where or who we are and what we believe about where we are going. Evolving into something more like we want, or more what we believe, or just more than what we are today. Whether in seriousness or just passing parody, it’s a great way to start the conversation!

So what are you doing about evolving your mindful thoughts?

Are your thoughts so caught up in just surviving that you mindlessly think about things you have to do? Are you effortlessly ‘just doing’ what you don’t have to think about? Yeah, I have been there, daily. I am not talking about thinking to solve world peace, but good for you if that is what you think about daily or at least annually. I am talking about the mindful thoughts about YOU. Who you are – to you. Do you think about how you talk to yourself or treat yourself? Maybe you do too much of that, think about yourself or maybe you don’t do it enough. Maybe, you do not mindfully think about anything but yourself. However, if you do, you might not actually know you do or admit that you do…so we move forward with what we know and believe. So let’s begin with thoughtfully evolving a thought.

How do you evolve a thought? Great question! We are all different but still learn in the same manner, by doing.

So right now stop thinking about multiple things, and just have one mindful thought. Yes, it can be about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other, your job, or even your dog. Point being, you have only one thought. Now think about that chosen thought, and think about what you originally thought about that topic a month ago or a year ago and continue to go back until you see how your thoughts evolved to now.  It’s meant to be a fun exercise, not a chore!


For example, today I was thinking about my education and where I want to go with it. Which led me thinking about how much time and energy I spend on ‘learning’. So I thought for a while HOW I got to my current belief and understanding about my education. Then WHAM! I got a dose of thoughtful evolution to my current state of mind about something I have been thinking about, consciously and unconsciously, all my life. Those horrible years of trying to be smarter than someone believe I would never be, leading me to today. Today, which could be any day for many years, where I mindfully want to evolve my thoughts to begin a new journey. I want to be thoughtful about my life, my choices, my unfathomable need to learn, and my future.

So please join me on a journey to find out things…yes, things. I don’t know what they will be but I do know they will be thoughtful and fun. Evolution is more than what or where we ‘think’ we came from.